Five For Friday

A great AIMS activity called Cups 'n' Stuff provided my students with a fun hands-on experience learning about mass and volume.

Totally an elementary teacher thing! I wear a different Christmas outfit each day in December. It took my kiddos three days to realize it! On the fourth day my girls were walking in saying "what did she wear today?! oooo . . . Christmas trees!"

My newest quilting project -- a new addition to my Christmas decor!

My newest project -- math sub activities for December and January. I'll miss 3 days of school next week, so these are being put to good use right away.

The 12 Days of Christmas -- a fun activity we are doing. I draw a name each day and that student gets a small gift to open. These are gifts I'll be wrapping up for next week.

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  1. Loved reading your Five for Friday. Thanks for sharing.



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