Five for Friday: December 13th

Each year one of our Kinder teachers collects cards for a nearby senior community. My students created these this week.

Saturday was our community Christmas parade. The grand finale is always Santa. For those of you who had snow days this past week -- it was about 80 degrees here in Central Florida!

On Tuesday I had a cataract removed from my left eye. I went back to school on Thursday; it was a tough day. Now I'm really looking forward to getting the other eye done on Christmas Eve! I'm having a difficult time seeing the computer screen right now, so it's going to put a crimp in my blogging for a bit.

(click for directions)

These cute little mice are are going in my goodie bags for my students on the last day of school before our vacation. I used to make these every year but hadn't done them the last few years. I think my kiddos will love them!


I love this video! I watch it every year with my students. This year it was so funny when they realized that my tree is a Charlie Brown tree -- they had not made the connection until they saw the show!

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  1. Very fun post! Sending you healing thoughts for your cataract surgery! The Charlie Brown Christmas movie is the best. I play the soundtrack every year in my classroom.
    Fun Teaching Videos!


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