Five For Friday: November 22


I actually started this post for last Friday, and then life intervened. We are in the crazy time of year! The kids are so excited about the upcoming week off, and I'm even more excited. One of my boys is absolutely hilarious -- all he can talk about is the great deals available on Black Friday!

Anyway, in no particular order, here is a peek of what we have been doing:

1. Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Just for fun, I love to let the kids do this little project after we have done our moon phases observation. I used to do all the phases, but the last couple years I've just done this -- we can fit it in our packed day, and they love it!

2. Travelin' S'Mores

We use the Studies Weekly newspapers for social studies. The recipe for Travelin' S'Mores is part of one of them. Students thought these were fantastic. One of the girls told me this week that her Mom said they can make them for Thanksgiving! They microwaved the marshmallos and cracker for 10 seconds, then put the chocolate on top and squished.

3. Fact Family Houses

Today I showed them how to fold a piece of paper to make this for related facts. They thought it was so clever! If you have never done this, I'm planning a post with the directions.

4. Generosity

We just had our fall book fair. On the final morning, I got a call from the media specialist that one of my parents was there and wanted to buy two books for my class. I chose two of the Sunshine State Young Reader books that I am hoping to read to them this year.

5. Team Thanks

This was a freebie at Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections I downloaded a couple days ago. We did this little project this afternoon. My students sit at tables for four, so it was ideal. Each one has a little booklet, and they passed them around their table for their teammates to write notes to them. Really made some kids work to come up with kind and encouraging words :) What a great exercise. 


  1. I haven't read any of the Sunshine State Young Reader Award books this year. I am normally all over this. The kids haven't seemed as into them as much this year, but maybe because I haven't been promoting them as much as I normally would since I haven't read them. I hope they are good!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I can't wait to see how you make the fact houses! Also, thank you for the link to the Team Thanks project! We have to go to school on Monday and Tuesday next week, and that will be perfect! I have a few kiddos who have trouble being kind, so this will be perfect for that as well!

  3. I'm loving your fact family houses, very clever! I'm also envious you can work with food in your classroom! That's a big no-no for us with the large amount of allergies :(
    Thanks for sharing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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