Fact Houses

As promised, here are the directions for making fact houses. I find that with third graders almost everyone can follow along and create these. Those who can't usually just need help with the last fold and then they get it.

To start you just need a sheet of copy paper (using color here to make it easier to see!).

Step One

Fold in half - "hamburger" style.

Step Two

Fold in half again. This creates a crease down the middle to help students with the "shutter fold."

Step Three

Fold in the sides to the center crease. At this point of the year, my students have made several shutter fold foldables, so this part is easy for them.

Step Four

Each shutter now becomes the front of a house. Open it up and the top folds down to become the "roof."

Step Five

Do the same to the other shutter. Students can now write 3 numbers on the roof and the facts on the front of the houses. I also had my students make arrays under the flaps to model the facts.

Once students know how to make the houses this can become a math station activity.


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