Five For Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! I'm still away from home after spending Thanksgiving Day with the in-laws in north Florida. Having a great time, but heading back home after lunch today. Then on with the big rush to finish up some school things!

The Friday before Thanksgiving break we had an "in school" field trip. Mr. John brings in a big tank of liquid nitrogen and teaches kids about the science (solids, liquids, gases) before using it to make ice cream for all. Always a huge hit with our students, and a great activity for our 3rd grade Properties of Matter unit.

Golden spoons! These are awarded for great behavior in the school cafeteria. My students SELDOM get one, and they earned two right before Thanksgiving break (this whole week for us). Woo - ha!

Slow Cooker Turkey

I pinned this a few weeks ago, and on Wednesday I made the recipe. Since we go away for Thanksgiving I usually will cook a turkey breast ahead of time so we have some leftovers when we get back (my favorite part of Thanksgiving!). This was amazing! After several hours in the crockpot the meat just fell off the bones. You can click the picture to go to the recipe -- I'm definitely making it for Christmas, when family comes to my house.

This is waiting for me when I get home Friday afternoon. I always enjoy unpacking these boxes and decorating my home. So many of my decorations have sentimental value, including almost everything that goes on my tree.

I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for my job -- it can be frustrating, but I would not want to be doing anything else. I am thankful for my colleagues, who inspire me to be better. I am thankful for the blogging world -- for all I learn, for those who follow my blog, for the bloggers I follow. Most of all I am thankful for my Lord, who gives me strength each day.


Happy Thanksgiving


Fact Houses

As promised, here are the directions for making fact houses. I find that with third graders almost everyone can follow along and create these. Those who can't usually just need help with the last fold and then they get it.

To start you just need a sheet of copy paper (using color here to make it easier to see!).

Step One

Fold in half - "hamburger" style.

Step Two

Fold in half again. This creates a crease down the middle to help students with the "shutter fold."

Step Three

Fold in the sides to the center crease. At this point of the year, my students have made several shutter fold foldables, so this part is easy for them.

Step Four

Each shutter now becomes the front of a house. Open it up and the top folds down to become the "roof."

Step Five

Do the same to the other shutter. Students can now write 3 numbers on the roof and the facts on the front of the houses. I also had my students make arrays under the flaps to model the facts.

Once students know how to make the houses this can become a math station activity.


Five For Friday: November 22


I actually started this post for last Friday, and then life intervened. We are in the crazy time of year! The kids are so excited about the upcoming week off, and I'm even more excited. One of my boys is absolutely hilarious -- all he can talk about is the great deals available on Black Friday!

Anyway, in no particular order, here is a peek of what we have been doing:

1. Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Just for fun, I love to let the kids do this little project after we have done our moon phases observation. I used to do all the phases, but the last couple years I've just done this -- we can fit it in our packed day, and they love it!

2. Travelin' S'Mores

We use the Studies Weekly newspapers for social studies. The recipe for Travelin' S'Mores is part of one of them. Students thought these were fantastic. One of the girls told me this week that her Mom said they can make them for Thanksgiving! They microwaved the marshmallos and cracker for 10 seconds, then put the chocolate on top and squished.

3. Fact Family Houses

Today I showed them how to fold a piece of paper to make this for related facts. They thought it was so clever! If you have never done this, I'm planning a post with the directions.

4. Generosity

We just had our fall book fair. On the final morning, I got a call from the media specialist that one of my parents was there and wanted to buy two books for my class. I chose two of the Sunshine State Young Reader books that I am hoping to read to them this year.

5. Team Thanks

This was a freebie at Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections I downloaded a couple days ago. We did this little project this afternoon. My students sit at tables for four, so it was ideal. Each one has a little booklet, and they passed them around their table for their teammates to write notes to them. Really made some kids work to come up with kind and encouraging words :) What a great exercise. 


Introducing Division

This week we began our lessons on division. To introduce the concept I like to use the book "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins. When I began blogging I put together a packet to use with this story, but this past weekend I decided to update it a bit (since I developed it I have switched to using PowerPoint for my products). The original product is still free in my TPT store -- I'll be updating the whole thing soon -- but you are welcome to this version also. It still has the picture cards, but this version has three problems that I asked my students to solve this week. Click the picture above to download.


Monday Made It!

It took me awhile, but I finally am linking up with the school-year Monday Made-It! This year I'm doing a little bit better with my quilting; I am regularly attending a sewing group on Tuesdays after school, and trying to be productive. Here are a few small projects I've finished:

1. Halloween Wall Hanging

2. I went to a class in September and made this Christmas wall hanging.

3. I just finished quilting this table runner as a Christmas gift.

4. For my classroom I made some multiplication games


Thank goodness I wrote this post awhile ago, because I was totally surprised this morning to see the link open - blogging has taken a back seat in the last few weeks! Thanks to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for keeping this going; it's one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I always think I'll continue, but the second Monday somehow sneaks up on me every month :)


Gobbling Multiplication

This is the third matching game that I made for my students, this time with a November theme. This one helps them practice their 5s and 10s. I hope it will be useful for your classroom, too. Just click on the picture to download.


Happy November Everyone!

If it's November, then it's time for the latest Currently from Oh Boy! Fourth Grade!

Listening: it's Saturday morning and I rolled out of bed at 6:30! All I can hear is the sound of appliances humming. Soon I'll turn on something on the iPad, but sometimes it's nice to just be quiet.

Loving: the time changes tonight! That means I won't be driving to school in the dark. This is huge!! I'm so very tired of driving in the dark -- I have a 40 minute drive, and I leave my house around 6:30 to avoid traffic and have a little time before my day officially starts.

Thinking: I just got the pattern for this quilt block on November 1st. I really want to pull fabric and start cutting! 
First Frost

Wanting: I'm a planner when it comes to Christmas. I'm already thinking Kindle Fire for my granddaughter. I like to know before Thanksgiving what everyone will receive. This year I really want my plans in order because I have some surgery scheduled in December -- including Christmas Eve!

Needing: I am a HUGE Red Sox fan, so this past week was awesome. I stayed up Wednesday night until midnight to watch, and was so happy I didn't feel a bit tired on Thursday. This morning I must watch the duck boats!

A Yummy Pin: I just pinned this last night and thought it might be great for Thanksgiving. We travel to the in-laws, and I usually bring some type of bread. This one looks delicious. It's from Jam Hands, on of the food blogs I subscribe to (not that I ever cook, I just love looking at the recipes!).

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