What's Going On With Vocabulary?

I have found that my third graders are struggling with math vocabulary this year. I have never seen a group who had so much trouble with the vocabulary; they act like they were never even exposed to second grade vocabulary!

Even my best math students seem to get almost every vocabulary question wrong on the mid-chapter tests! While there may not be an actual standard addressing vocabulary, we all know that students must know the academic vocabulary to be successful. This weekend I decided we needed to make vocabulary games a regular feature, in the hope that some of these word will stick! :)

The first thing I have done is create an I Have, Who Has game that incorporates words from our first chapter plus additional words that they should have already known.

There are 18 cards, since we have 18 students in 3rd grade here in FL. I prettied them up with some cute seasonal clip art, 'cause I know my kiddos like that, but they are also available plain for those who can't do color copies. I'm sharing them, because I might not be the only teacher whose kids are having a problem here! Clicking the cover page will take you to the free download.

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