October Currently!

I was feeling bad about not having my usual Thursday post finished, and suddenly realized that it was time for the October Currently! Linking up with Farley once again (and thanks so much for a reprieve; I'll try to get my post finished by the weekend!)

Listening: my Red Sox don't play until Friday, so I'm rooting for the Indians tonight!

Loving: I am SO ready for cooler temps! I love fall and spring here in central Florida.

Thinking: report cards are right around the corner (Oct 21 is our work day) and I have a lot of assessment to do to be accurate about which math standards have been mastered.

Wanting: I've been battling a sore throat all week; some mornings I just have no voice. Trying to make it through the whole week, though, and so far so good. Could be worse -- the hubs has bronchitis.

Needing: Either I wake up because the throat hurts and have to get drinks / lozenges or I wake up because I've bee getting drinks!

TREAT: leave a comment on this post and I will randomly choose someone to get any item from my TPT store free on Saturday.

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