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I wanted to delay my usual Tuesday post this week so that I could share about a workshop I attended. This year our school district contracted with Math Solutions to provide professional development. Math Solutions is a company founded by Marilyn Burns. Quoting from their website, "Math Solutions is dedicated to improving students’ learning of mathematics by providing educators with the highest-quality professional development services and resources."

Tuesday was the first of three all - day workshops we will have this year. This first one focused on the Standards for Mathematical Practices. We spent a lot of time talking about talking! It was a pretty good supplement to a training I attended a couple weeks before school started on CC math.

My biggest takeaways were some new ideas to get kids thinking mathematically and explaining their reasoning. Here is the list of Talk Moves that we discussed:

  • Revoicing (teacher repeating or restating what a student says)
  • Repeating (having students repeat what another student says)
  • Reasoning (what do you think about that?)
  • Adding on (is there a different way to solve?)
  • Waiting (giving think time - something a lot of us struggle with!)
I had been thinking recently that I started the year fairly well in this area but have slacked off. This workshop encouraged me to get intentional about this again.

We also received a free book. I'm looking forward to checking it out for some new ideas.

Have you done any training with Math Solutions? I hope you will leave a comment with your thoughts about them.

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  1. Haven't done any training with math solutions but I have read that book and it is a good one. I also find working on wait time to be something all teachers can continue to improve upon. It really makes a difference in getting kids to think.


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