Five For Friday

This is a first for me! I'm linking with Doodlebugs Teaching this week with my five random things.

Monday was our first quarter teacher workday. One of my projects was to go from 3 student tables, each seating 6 students, to 4 tables seating 4 students with one extra table for my other two students. The kids seemed to really like the new arrangement Tuesday morning.

My area of focus for my evaluation this year is "tracking student progress." This is the data wall that I'm trying out. My kids each have a number that they put on the wall (magnetic) to indicate their progress toward mastery of the math standards. 

This past weekend I worked on a couple of my quilting projects. I finished this wall hanging just in time! I actually thought it would end up being for next Halloween, so I was excited to get it done.

These cute little rubber duckies are from a fundraising project that one of our 5th grade classes is doing. Kids are loving them at only $1 each. I keep getting them for my grandkids, who are also loving them. These are the Halloween ones I got this week.

Happy birthday to my dear husband today! It's one of those big numbers -- 60! I can't believe I'm married to a guy who's that old :) We'll be celebrating later with a family dinner at Outback.

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