Have you discovered yet? I had not even heard of it until the week before school started. Now I'm wondering what I ever did without it! It has made lesson planning so much easier for me.

I got started with it with much trial and error, realized that there were things I wished it would do that I didn't know how to accomplish, and went back and watched some of the tutorial videos. One of the greatest features in my opinion is the Bump button. If I don't get to a lesson one day, I can "bump" it to the next day and everything else automatically moves forward. So helpful these first three weeks, when everything seems to take twice as long (do you forget how much time it takes to establish routines at the beginning of the year?). There is also a copy and paste feature that I love using. Once I have figured out how I want to structure a plan, I can paste it to another day and revise.

You can color-code the different classes/subjects. You can print the plans with a variety of options. If you submit lesson plans electronically Planbook works great. You can give administrators a code to access your plans, or as I do save them as a pdf and upload them to the server where we submit our plans. You can also give parents or students the code to see your plans. Once I feel a little more comfortable with the format I plan to link to my lesson plan from my classroom home page.

I shared Planbook with three colleagues in neighboring rooms and we have all been trying it out. Feedback from all four of us has been very positive. Because it's all online, I can work on my plans during my planning period and then login again at home to tweak them.

I've saved my most favorite feature for last: you can attach files to your plans! I absolutely love this. I have activities that I have created or gotten from other bloggers. I attach that file in my plans, and it's right there for me to open. I attach the Smart Notebook file that I use when teaching my math lessons, the activities I'll use at work stations, the pages we are going to complete and add to our science notebooks . . . AND, when I'm planning next year all those attachments will be right there in this year's plans. No more searching for that great activity that I did last year! (OK, maybe I'm the only one with that problem)

OH . . . and all the standards are in there. I just choose CCSS, click on the standard, and it's in my plans. How cool is that?!

I definitely recommend checking out Clicking the picture at the beginning of this post will take your right there. Let me know what you thing!


  1. I tried using Planbook last year and it just didn't work out with my schedule. I think I may give it a try again this year, thanks for the reminder! Does it cost money? I can't remember...

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  2. I have a question about your use of plan book: when you attach files, and share your plans, can others also view / download the files? I want to be able to share my plans, but don't want others to download my files.


    What I Have Learned

    1. Hi Jessica!
      When you upload a file you can mark it "private" so that others don't see it.



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