Math Lit: Pigs Will Be Pigs

For this week's math lit post I'm going back in the archives to highlight a fun book for practicing money. I originally blogged about this text in August 2012.

This is one of a series of "Pigs" books by Amy Axelrod. In this one, the pigs are hungry and want to go to a restaurant. Unfortunately, they have no money! That begins a mad scramble around the house to locate money (you know-under the seat cushions, etc). As you read the story, students can keep track of the money total. At the restaurant you can figure out what they can purchase with their funds.

My "Math and Money" packet is still available for free to use with this story. You can download it from my stores or by clicking the picture below.

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  1. Love this story! Very engaging and a great way. To practice money.


    The Math Maniacc


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