Math Lit: Mission: Addition

If you are not familiar with Loreen Leedy's books, you really need to check them out! Click the picture above to go to her Pinterest page, or here to go to her website, or here to visit her TPT shop!

Mission:Addition contains six short stories that introduce a variety of addition concepts. The first story has the teacher, Miss Prime, posing a mystery for students to solve using addition facts. It includes the vocabulary addends, sum, plus and equal. Each story is illustrated with panels showing the action and including dialogue bubbles.

My favorite story is the last one, "Check, Please." I'm always looking for fun ways to have my third graders practice adding and subtracting money amounts. This story involves adding up menu items and not spending more money than you have. I'm going to give students a plastic bag of money from our math manipulatives and a take-out menu. They can order whatever they want, but have to stay within their budget! In the story, one student goes over by $9.00 because he didn't add up his order. The story also talks about checking your addition. 

I created a page for my students to use with the activity, which you can download by clicking the picture below.

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