It's Currently September!

1. I truly will not watch any reality shows; they make me cringe. However, about a week ago I discovered Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertsons! A half hour watching an episode just makes me happy, happy, happy!

2. The first two weeks of school are exhausting! I probably put in two extra hours at work every day. I just try to survive until the long weekend, when I know I can rest and regroup. Then I feel ready for the next several weeks.

3. I have only looked at plans once this weekend and I'd really like to have two weeks done when I go back tomorrow. 

4. Waiting for the son and grandson to come, then we are heading out to a favorite restaurant. Our sweet granddaughter decided she wanted to stay home today, so it's just me and the guys!

5. We practiced our math rotations the past two weeks, but now I need to really group those kiddos and work on skills with them. I am starting to get some data, and can see that I of course have a wide variety of foundational math skills. Looking forward to narrowing my focus during small group.

  1. Tuesdays is "sit and sew" for my quilting guild. I'm determined that this year I'll take that time for myself and join the other ladies after work. That means NOT working late!
  2. I did a 3 days per week running program over the summer; I really don't want to just stop, but it's hard to get myself out in the morning. My goal for September is twice a week.
  3. When I get caught up in school it's easy to grab easy instead of healthy! Definitely need to do better in this area.


  1. Gotta love Duck Dynasty! I heard the title of the show and immediately thought no way, then I finally gave it a chance and was hooked!

  2. I kept repeating, "Happy, happy, happy!" when I was using my long weekend to try to set up my classroom after construction delay (we start on Tuesday)!!! It is sad that we have to convince ourselves to take time for ourselves! Enjoy your dinner! :)

    Growing Kidlets (

  3. What is Duck Dynasty?! I've seen a few people mention it but it just makes me think of Ducktales haha! I've just found your blog through the linky and started following along. Good luck with the running... I also love your Tuesday goals. It's so easy to just work work work!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

    1. Duck Dynasty is a show on A&E, Wednesday nights. It is the story of the Robertson family of Louisiana -- a redneck family of millionaires due to their family business. Faith, family, and ducks!



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