Product Swap!

Gary from ScrappyGuy Designs put together a little product swap recently for grades 3 - 5. I had the opportunity to swap products with Bethany of  Hunter's Teaching Tales.

Hunter's Teaching Tales

When I checked her TPT store, I noticed she was doing a lot with QR codes. I have not used them in the classroom yet, but was planning to add that to math class this year. Bethany's products gave me a great way to try them out before jumping in and creating some of my own.

One thing I like about task cards is that you can pick and choose which ones you want your students to do. Since Bethany teaches 4th grade and I teach 3rd, I knew there might be tasks that I wouldn't use. I asked for this one from her TPT store:

Graphing QR Code Task Cards

Graphing QR Codes Task Cards ($1.75)

I printed and laminated and cut out the cards. Notice that the set includes two graphs. There are questions that students answer from these graphs - great practice on an important skill!

The set comes with a recording sheet (you can print two on a sheet of paper). After they record their answer, they take the card to a code reader to check the answer or take a mobile device to the card. In my classroom I have just one iPad, so I'll be using my computers that have built in cameras for this. Instant feed back for the kids!

Because this product is for 3rd - 5th grade, a few cards wouldn't fit my students (we don't learn mean, mode and median in third grade). I can just set those cards aside and mark off those spaces before copying the recording sheet.

I f you's like to try out QR code task cards, Bethany has several free sets in her store, most of which I have also downloaded and gotten ready for school.


  1. I wonder if there is a way to use the QR codes without having a smart product. I would like to use them in my 3rd grade class but we do not have iPads for the kids so i thought that there was no way to do it without using my personal cell phone which i decided i will not do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Lisa Daniel

    1. You absolutely can, Lisa! You just need a computer with a camera. I am fortunate enough to have a laptop and two netbooks with built in cameras, but if you don't have that you can get an external camera. Here is the link to the online scanner that is approved for use in my district:

      Math is Elementary

  2. Julie, thanks so much for joining in on this one. I'm glad you were able to put the product to good use.


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