Monday Made It: August 5th

Next Monday I'll officially be back to work! The pressure has definitely been on to finish up things for the classroom. First, I needed two sets of numbers to go on my data board. I plan to have students move their numbers on the scale to indicate where they are on achieving mastery of math standards. Since I have two classes, I have a green set and a purple set. I'll show these off later when the board is set up.

Second, I'm indulging my obsession with Minions. I've even been asking people if they thought it would be OK for me to call my students minions this year :) I found this picture on Pinterest, of course, so I printed and laminated. It will be going up right below my Minion collection (from Happy Meals!).

Third, I made a set of number bond cards for the number 10. Fluency is so crucial now with the CCSS, and my experience is that third graders come in not knowing how to make 10 every year. We'll be working on those addition facts starting week one, 'cause how are they going to be fluent with multiplication if they can't add? I plan to make additional sets for all four operations and will definitely be sharing this set in a future blog post.

Fourth, these cards will be going up on my magnet board to organize our math rotations. I like Clutter Free Classroom's idea of spelling out math. I changed the M from math facts to math fluency to reflect the importance of that area. Again, once this is up in the classroom I'll be sharing more about this. I plan to have three groups during math with each group working on one of these areas.

Fifth, I LOVE these Creative Thinking task cards from Teaching With A Mountain View! I'm thinking morning work, brain breaks . . . They were a FB freebie a little while ago, and I grabbed them. This weekend I got them printed and laminated so they are ready to go. I will definitely do one or two cards the first week of school to introduce them to the kids.

Sixth, I completed a huge made-it project; my Mega Sub Pack! I'm giving away all 112 pages to one lucky winner, so go here and enter.

And at home, my son and I got the master bathroom painted. I've been slowly getting it put together with some new fixtures, window treatment, etc. Not quite done, but I'm pretty happy too get at least a tiny home improvement project done. We also had some new front steps built; it feels good to check off a couple of the things on our home list!


  1. Wow!! You have been SO busy! I love all you Made Its! The MATH acronym is so clever and I have never seen that before. Love your number bond cards too!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. I love minions as well!! I think it should be fine to call your students minions, it's cute!


  3. I can't wait to see how your room looks and how you use these products! The number bond cards are amazing! I made some this summer, but they are not as cute as yours!

    The Math Maniac

  4. I love the number bonds - I had to pin them. I don't think Everyday Math uses them, but they are important. I teach 2nd and these kids just don't have the fluency in addition (we aren't even mentioning subtraction yet!).

    I am your newest follower...I can't wait to read more!

    Bitty Bilinguals


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