Fiction Friday: August 9th

Little bit different post this week! I'm happy to say I finally got a copy of the last Sunshine State award book, BUT I'm still reading it -- I plan to post about it next week. For this week, I want to share a couple other books.

Amanda wrote about this one in her first week of the linky (thanks Amanda!). I picked it up from the library because of her review and just want to add my recommendation -- I really enjoyed reading it. While my read-alouds usually come from the SSYRA list, I'm tempted to fit this one in for my third graders 'cause I think they would be fascinated by the story of a tsunami wave hitting the US.

This one has been around for awhile, but I had never read it until the end of last school year. I was looking for something short to finish out the year, and this popped up one day as a free Kindle edition so I grabbed it. As you can see from the book cover, Gooney Bird has her own sense of style! Probably a lot of you have read it, so I won't rehash. I really want to say why it merits taking a look -- I think it is a great text to use in writing. Gooney Bird is a tremendous storyteller, and the book is filled with lessons about writing a narrative. In fact, after I read it I recommended it to my teaching partner (who does the ELA instruction) for this year.

See you next week with that last book and brochure!


  1. I love Gooney Bird - such a fun book!


  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed Escaping the Giant Wave too. It's a great book and two teachers can't possibly be wrong. :) Thanks for linking up all summer long. I loved reading your thoughts about each book and learned about so many great new titles. Happy back to school!

    The Teaching Thief

  3. These both sound great, even though they aren't SSYRAs :) I have really enjoyed reading your book reviews and downloading the brochures. Thanks so much!!! Have a great pre-planning week next week.

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits


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