Throwback Thursday

Here is a post from last July. Just like last year, I'll be stressing those basic facts again this year :) I'm really hoping that I'll see the results of 2nd grade having CCSS this past year!


Basic Math Facts

Each year my new third graders come in with many of them not having mastered basic addition and subtraction facts. This year I am planning to give them lots of practice at the beginning of school. My math workstations are going to focus on basic facts. This will give them something familiar to work on as we get the routines established. Along with collecting some great activities from other bloggers I have been skimming through one of my Van De Walle books for good ideas.

I came across this simple idea for practicing plus 1 and plus 2 facts - I love simple! All you need to do is program dice with: +1, +2 (on four sides) and one more, two more on the last two sides. I used some of those foam blocks I picked up at Dollar Tree. Label another die with the numbers 4 - 9. Shake one of each and say the fact aloud, "Eight plus one equals nine."


Some of our kids really need to write those facts, too, so I made a simple recording sheet for them. You can download it here. Enjoy!

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