Monday Made It: July 22nd

Made It Number One

With just three weeks before teachers report, there are lots of little projects to complete. One thing I've wanted to do is make something new to give my students on their birthday. After seeing many ideas, I decided to go with the Krazy Straws - six in a package at the Dollar Tree.

I had planned to make my own birthday cards to go on them, until I saw these from Positively Learning:

Such a fabulous freebie; I downloaded it immediately and printed the page that says happy birthday for my project! Because I want them to be durable, I printed on card stock and laminated. Then I just cut them out freehand, with a little white around the edges, punched a hole in the top, and slipped them onto the straw. 

I think my kids will love them, and I love that I can have them made up ahead of time (somehow there are always some birthdays that seem to sneak up on me).

Made It Number Two

I spent a little time in my classroom last week, and realized that the labels for my book bag hooks had to go! My granddaughter ripped them off the wall for me, and I have printed and laminated this set to replace them:

Unfortunately, this file didn't have the blog name in it. If this is your freebie, please let me know so I can link it to your blog.

Made It Number Three

Last year we had these great "bag tags" at school. Kids earned them for fitness during PE, and for reading and passing quizzes on the Sunshine State books. I thought it would be great to give out charms for some classroom things, like mastering math facts -- until I found out it would run into hundreds of dollars! I still wished I could do something, so for this year I decided to print and laminate the tags. I found the chains in an Etsy shop (schoollocker). These are the tags I made for students who meet their AR goal (it's a big deal at my school).

I have different colored stars for each quarter that they meet their goal. I have plans for several more awards; last year the kids LOVED their bag tags, so I think these will be a big hit with them.

Can't wait to see what everyone else made this week! Mondays are my favorite day in the summer. BTW, I made a lot of quilting progress this week, but will hold those projects for later. I'm making a cute little wall hanging for my classroom to go with our school theme.

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