Monday Made It: July 15th

A quick trip to visit family this weekend meant that I didn't get a couple projects finished as planned! I did get my "pick me" number bouquet done, though.

I downloaded the numbers from A Cupcake for the Teacher, printed, laminated, and glued them to colored craft sticks that I got at Dollar Tree. Along with being a random student chooser, I may use it to match students up for different activities, for tracking homework . . . my mind is whirling with possibilities.

Last year it seemed as if everyone was making the teacher's tool box and I was no exception! Here is what mine looked like:

It was made to match our "Wild About Learning" theme, but it doesn't fit with this year's "Oh The Places You'll Go" theme so I have updated it. You'll notice I left it the original grey, and I have decided that I was wise (lazy?) to do that since the grey fits in with everything! Here's my new labels:

I had planned to get a little birthday goodie finished up this week, but will have to put it off until next week. I do want to share a little bit of home made it, though. I've been teaching my granddaughter to sew this summer, and she made a pillowcase.

She has been doing very well, and is going to a quilt guild sit and sew with me Tuesday -- she is starting her first quilt! I'm so proud of her. I am working on this:

Four big 9-patch blocks, which have now been cut into 16 smaller blocks and are ready to be assembled. I'm really hoping to have a finished product to show before I go back to school!

What did you make this week?


  1. I made a teacher tool box also! I didn't have one, so this year I jumped on the band wagon. I like your new them- "Oh The Places You'll Go" One year we decorated our doors for Career Week and I used that theme! It's on Pinterest
    I made the college signs and the kids got to create a mini person as whatever career they wanted. I've never thought about using it as a whole classroom theme! I'm looking forward to seeing what other ideas you come up :)

  2. I LOVE my teacher tool box. Your quilt fabric is beautiful!


  3. My teacher toolbox is painted and I just have to add the labels! I'm so excited to have one this year!!!


  4. I love your "Pick Me Boquet." It looks so much cuter than regular choice sticks and because you used numbers you can reuse it year after year. Great Idea!

    Your Newest Follower,


    Sweet Little Things


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