Math and Literature: Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream

Amanda Bean is a book I had never heard of until this past school year, when our math coach came into my room and did a lesson for my students. It is a great addition to your multiplication unit, and is especially helpful with my third graders to illustrate why we move from repeated addition to multiplication. It also fits well with the 3rd grade CCSS to know multiplication facts at the end of the year.

Amanda likes to know "how many" but sometimes she just can't count fast enough. Her teacher tries to convince her that multiplying will help, but like some of our students she resists. It takes a dream to convince her to give multiplication a try. Amanda sees the connection between addition and multiplication, and begins to think maybe multiplication IS faster.

Amanda has a dream that is filled with math -- so much counting that she can't keep up! Some of the characters in her dream convince her that multiplying IS counting -- a fast way. That dream changes her attitude.

The illustrations in the book are full of things to count and multiply. I've used this book in whole group, but it will also make a great activity for students to work on individually or in pairs. I'm working on task cards to go with the story -- I'll be sure to post when they are finished.

Our math coach teamed this story with the game "Circles and Stars." If you are not familiar with this game, there are lots of examples you can google. Here is a link to a pdf I found:

(click to go to the document)

The book is only available in hardcover as far as I can tell. I do think you'll be very pleased with it if you choose to purchase. You can look at it by clicking my associate's link:

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  1. Love this book! A must have for every second and third grade teacher!

    The Math Maniac


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