Interactive Science Notebooks, part 6

We are in Unit 2 now, all about Earth and Space science. One of the key learning pieces in this unit is to compare and contrast the sun with other stars. I made a graphic organizer for students to complete which they then fold like a book and glue into their notebooks.

The information that we record is something like this:

Sun: 1. closer to Earth, 2. looks like a giant ball of light, 3. seen in the daytime
Both: 1. give off light and heat, 2. both present in daytime, 3. surfaces are similar
Other Stars: 1. much farther from Earth, looks like tiny point of light, 3. seen in the night time

If you would like to use our graphic organizer, please click the picture below to download it. I hope it will be helpful!



  1. Hey, loving your blog, thanks! This organizer is definitely something I can use with my 4th graders this year. But I can't get it to open in such a way that I can download it. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Oops! I neglected to link it. I'm going to get that fixed right away. Thanks for letting me know!



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