Interactive Science Notebooks: part 5 (with a freebie)

I'm ready to start sharing some notebooking ideas for Earth and Space, but first I want to tell you about the one thing we include in our notebooks that is a must have for me! Last year I created a little sheet for students to complete when they watch a science video. It turned out to be one of my best ideas. It was most often used for a Magic School Bus video when I was not there! Third graders LOVE MSB, so that is a go-to activity for me when I plan for a sub. In my district we have both Discovery Education and Safari Montage available, so I have access to lots of videos. There are videos with great science content to go along with pretty much whatever we are learning about throughout the year. When I leave one of these videos for a sub, I also leave the video response worksheet for my students to complete and add to their science notebook. It works with any video that I want to use.

Click the picture to download the form.

In my mock - up of this year's science notebook I have left a few open pages and am starting Unit 2 on page 15. Again, I start with a title page that lists the essential questions.:

Next is vocabulary, page 17. For this little shutter fold I give students just half a sheet of paper. When I have it I like to use colored paper in our notebooks. Last year I found out that this little half page was ideal for teaching students how to do a shutter fold. If you are not familiar with this foldable, just have them fold their paper in half, open and fold sides to the middle, fold in half the other way, unfold, and cut the two sides so you have four flaps.

Next week I'll show you how we use a double bubble map in this unit.

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