Interactive Science Notebook 4

Pages so far:

Page  1     Table of Contents
Page  2     Safety Rules
Page  3     Unit essential questions
Page  4     Vocabulary
Page  5     Banana brochure
Page  6     Vocabulary
Page  7     Pennies and Taco Sauce brochure
Page  8     Left blank
Page  9     Taco Sauce as a Cleaner brochure
Page 10    Left blank
Page 11    Science Tools

Page 10 will be a writing page, and then we will talk about science tools. In the past I have demonstrated them for students, telling them how we might use them and passing them around for them to try. This year I'm going to try something a little different. I've made a matching game that I will have them play first. This will give them an opportunity to work with partners to try to identify the tools (probably working in groups of 3). Then we will look at the real tools. 

Here is the matching game - feel free to download it for your classroom.

For page 11, a little recording sheet so they have the science tools in their notebooks. The pdf has two pages in case you want to use multiple print and do two on a sheet of paper. You are welcome to grab that freebie also.

I'll be leaving a few more pages in Unit 1  - I always want the flexibility to add a new experiment, do more writing, or whatever seems appropriate. Next week I'll be sharing some pages from Unit 2 - Earth and Space science.

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