Throwback Thursday

Now that I have blogged for a whole year, I was thinking that I should go back and revisit some of my early posts. After all, I had about 10 followers for some of them, and now I have over 300! Then I found this linky at The First Grade Parade! This week I'm going to revisit a simple little freebie for helping keep track of parent contacts. I used it all year! Here is the post from a year ago:

Freebie: Contact Log (published 6/5/12)

We are down to the last few days of school, so I am trying to get everything organized in my classroom. As I took the whole year's worth of parent contacts and prepared them to turn in on my last day I got some chuckles out of how many of them go something like this: "How do I help my kid in math? I'm not very good at it!" Fortunately I have some good answers for that question and can reassure parents that it's going to be OK.

As I put all those contacts into a big envelope I was thinking that I must come up with an easier format. So ... a new format to use next year with a cute little clipboard to keep right by the phone! If you haven't come across these re-fashioned clipboards yet you will want to check them out at Classroom DIY. You can grab my Contact Log freebie right here.

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