Monday Made It: June 17th

As I mentioned last week, our new school theme is "Oh, The Places You'll Go." With last year's "wild" theme I was able to find animal print file folders to match. This year I decided to jump on the washi tape bandwagon. I started by ordering this:

Here is my first attempt at personalizing some file folders.

This stuff is fun! I like it so much I ordered several more rolls from The Plaid Barn. BTW, I don't care about how folders look in my file cabinet! These are for the ones that are out on my desk or on my small group table.

Can't wait until this comes -- I have lots more plans for the washi tape!

I also got my new nameplates in my Amazon order. These are all laminated and cut, ready for names :) Since I teach two classes, I laminate and then write my homeroom on the front and my other class on the back. I'm really getting into the hot air balloons!

When school ended on June 6th my number one "home" plan was catching up on my block of the month sampler. On the first day of each month I get an email with a new quilt block pattern. I did pretty well January - March, but then state testing and end-of-the-year stuff kept me busy. My goal is get back on track by the end of June and Monday Made - It is such a help in staying on goal. Here is May's block, which is called "Signed - Sealed - Delivered."

Hoping I can get June done by next Monday! Then maybe I can do some other home projects from my list.


  1. I love washi tape! I have been crafting for 2 weeks now with the stuff! It's my best friend!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. I need to get some Washi tape! I'm headed to Amazon now! Those folders are cute!

    Collaboration Cuties

  3. Love the washi tape folders! I also love how you do your name tags. Since you do a name on each side, how do you display them?

    1. Great question! I actually only have them out on desks for 2-3 days. Once my students know where to sit I put them away until we change seats. In the morning the homeroom kids have their nameplates showing and when we switch classrooms they flip them over for the other group.

      Math is Elementary


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