July Currently

Farley posted the July Currently early! Maybe I won't be number 150!

1. We are blessed in the Orlando area to have the best radio station ever! I usually listen in my car, but this summer I'm keeping a link on my desktop to stream. If you like contemporary christian music, check zradio.com.

2. I had 4 1/2 days over the last two weeks -- all very worthwhile, but I'm happy to have them done. July is mine! I have another 3 days the week before we go back to work in August and that's OK too, but I intend to savor the summer days in between.

3. I have had a big project in mind for a couple months, but I need to stop procrastinating and get working if it's going to back-to-school read.

4. Three weeks into summer vacation and I have yet to go the pool (community pool). Usually I'm in a lot with my grandkids, but their dad has been going with them. I'm determined to get wet on Sunday!

5. Huge to-do list for summer; again 3 weeks in and nothing is checked off yet from the "personal care" list.

6. When I started blogging last summer I expected I'd blog just as often after school started (insert chuckling by more experienced bloggers). This summer I'm writing a weekly plan and working hard to keep up with it; my goal is to have the same thing through the year.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I found you through the Currently linky. I love that it is summer, don't you! I had to get a pedicure too, I hope you enjoy yours. Have a wonderful summer!

    Mrs. Bucaroff's Fantastic Fourth

  2. Have fun at the pool tomorrow! Swimming is definitely a must when you're on summer vacation :)

  3. I love the idea of creating a weekly plan for blogging and sticking to it. I feel like I get caught up in day to day life and, if it's not a part of the routine, it's an easy thing to let go of!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

  4. Isn't it nice to have the time to blog in the summer? I try to keep up in the winter, but it's not easy! I've never actually kept a notebook or any planning book for my blog. I keep to do lists, but that's not all the time. I do have plenty of ideas flowing most of the time, the issue is time to do it! Love your blog!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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