It's Currently June!

Whew! At times I wondered if it would ever get here, and now it seems to have snuck up on me. Sure sign June is here in central FL: forecast for the next week calling for scattered Tstorms daily!

Another sign June is here -- Farley's June Currently!

Listening: I actually was able to stay up and watch the whole game; love me some Red Sox baseball!

Loving: Just 4 more!! Followed by 1 teacher work day. Next weekend I'll be on summer vacation.

Thinking: I decided to have an ice cream social on the last afternoon, and invited families. I have 17 additional people coming, which is great! I also am planning a popsicle party for the students who came to me for math intervention this year.

Wanting: Hoping to end our year together on a positive note; not always easy when we are all tired and wanting to be done with school.

Needing: We don't have to pack up our rooms, but I have requested to have my massive teacher desk moved to a different spot. That means I've been packing everything in my desk, plus all my books. My bookshelves are in the spot where I want my desk, so I have to empty them and move them to a new location. 

Vacation: I have a big stack of books I want to read this summer, both for pleasure and for professional development. Also hoping to watch some TV series that I've never seen via streaming. And the inspiration -- I've got a lot of ideas floating in my head for new TPT products and blog posts. I'd like to grow my blog a lot more now that I'm starting my second year.

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