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Last summer, as a new blogger, I wrote several posts sharing my ideas for my science notebooks. I had dabbled with them in the 2011 - 2012 school year and wanted to expand on what I had done. This year I used them much more regularly, trying out a lot of new things. I want to do a new series this summer that will revisit some of what I wrote about previously and include changes I'm making. I also hope to keep this series going right through our completed notebooks! I'll also be sharing a number of freebies for those who are looking for new ideas.

Page 1 in our notebooks is always our table of contents. Last year the kids wrote everything, but this year I'm going to give them the framework like this:

I don't know about you, but I tend to forget that the third graders I see in August are not ready for all the things that the ones who just left me were doing! This year I'm trying to make the beginning of the year simple enough as they learn the routines.

Next is my list of safety rules. We review these on the first day of class and many times thereafter.

Then we add a page for the unit, including the essential questions.

I have been conducting "The Great Banana Experiment" at the beginning of the year for five years now. I find it an easy and fun way to introduce the scientific method to students. You can read the details of the experiment here.

I've revised my recording booklet this year; if you'd like my new brochure just click on the picture.



  1. I am going to do my own rendition of science notebooks this year. I too always forget that August 3rd graders are NOT the same as May 3rd graders. I am going to look at this banana experiment right now!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  2. I hope you will find it helpful. Next week I'll be posting about the experiment we do while we wait for the results of the banana one!

    Math is Elementary

  3. I love science note-booking, but I am terrible about remembering to fill in the table of contents. I finally started using post-its and let the kids tab there units. LOL! I could just never get it together. I'm really looking forward to your series on science notebooks. One of my goals this next year is to really develop mine.

    The Teaching Thief


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