Fiction Friday: June 28th


Katy Kelly

"Melonhead" is a spin - off from another series by Katy Kelly (the Lucy Rose stories) and I am looking forward to reading more about this character! Adam Melon, nicknamed Melonhead, is one of those guys who is always getting into scrapes. Early in the story climbing a tree ends up with an extraction using the Jaws of Life. That's pretty much the way Melonhead's life goes!

A science teacher at Adam's school has a cool new twist on the typical science fair. He challenges the students to come up with a "reinvention." His plaster of Paris experiment -- disaster (don't put it down the drain). One of the great things about this book is that while Melonhead doesn't see what the consequences of his actions might be, your students will see trouble coming!

Melonhead is laugh - out - loud funny. It will make an awesome read - aloud for grades 3 - 5. It's also a book that most boys will enjoy -- and if you are looking for stories that will hook in your boys I recommend it.

Here's the brochure to go with the book. Enjoy!

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  1. I read this one this week too :) I started The Candymakers yesterday in hopes that I would finish in time to blog about it next week. I know I sound like a kid but it's REALLY long and to be honest I haven't quite gotten into yet. Have you read this one? Just curious.

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Nicole:
    I had a really hard time getting into Candymakers -- my least favorite so far. I did enjoy it a lot more when I started reading the other characters point of view, though. It seemed too "Willy Wonka" -- like the Gollywhopper Games a couple years ago.

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