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I am working on the next "organizing" post, but in the meantime let me tell me about my last few days. Last week on Monday we had a field trip to see the ballet -- and our school bus broke down on the way back to school. An adventure, but we were fine. Friday we had our big 3rd grade field trip to Legoland (best field trip ever according to the kids). I gotta say, I was one tired teacher.

Did I mention that I was at Legoland on the previous Saturday? Twice in a week was a bit much!

After lots of relaxation over the weekend I chaperoned a first grade trip to the zoo today (Tuesday). Three wonderful munchkins, including my grandson. We had a great time, but it rained pretty much the whole time. We didn't let it dampen our fun; fortunately no hard rain and no lightning.


Do you have end - of - the - year field trips? 

On a totally unrelated note, I have just reached 300 followers AND next Monday is my one-year blog anniversary. I have an idea for how to celebrate (not a big giveaway this time) so stay tuned!

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