May Currently

It's time for Currently -- the sure sign of a new month.

Listening: the hubby is not awake yet, just me at the computer. I thoroughly enjoy a bit of quiet in the morning!

Loving: I have reached the point of being absolutely ready to say goodbye to one of my groups of students :). Trying to make these last days filled with both fun and learning.

Thinking: With the change to CCSS math books next year, I need to fill in some gaps before we finish.

Wanting: It's like a nesting instinct! At this point in the year I always start working through the cupboards, figuring out new ways to organize.

Needing: I've got several ideas milling about in my brain and need to settle on just one and plan for it.

Summer Bucket List: 1. I absolutely must have more comfortable shoes next year. Time to expend some serious money. 2. I started quilting last year, and have a hard time finding time for it during the school year. I hope to finish at least 3 quilts during the summer. 3. CCSS - I'll be teaching it next year, while still integrating current standards for one more year of testing. I'm feeling pretty good about math, but have to work on ELA since I also teach science and social studies.

Happy May everyone!


  1. The switch to CCSS can be a bit overwhelming. It's nice to have the summer to prepare. My district is doubling standards, state and CCSS. Have to do it again next year. Best of luck merging them together!


  2. I too have a hard time working on quilt projects during the school year. I hope to do some sewing also during the summer. I find quilting very relaxing! I am your newest follower

    Rosie's Rambles

  3. Found your blog through Farley's currently!! I hear ya on still trying to fit math in! That is exactly how I feel!! :) Common Core will also be on my list this summer! :) How fun that you quilt- that is so awesome!!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  4. Hi, I found you through Farley's Currently! Common Core seems to be on EVERYONE'S bucket list! I would like a "hobby" besides working! Lol! My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I have yet to make anything...or learn how to use it! Cute blog!
    The Extra Energetic Educator


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