Reviewing: Day Three

This morning I drove to school thinking that my math review was on one topic, only to find that I actually had another topic in my lesson plans -- I hope I'm not the only one who does that kind of thing! I decided to stick with the plan, so today we focused on geometry.

I knew that my work station activity would be a huge hit today -- students love the geo boards! Rather than put out two or three different activities I prepared just this one, created by Mandy Neal of Cooperative Learning 365:
you can get this by clicking the picture

This activity has a set of task cards giving instructions for what the student should create on the geo board. They all had a great time with this review. Here's a picture I snapped to record some work. I can easily see that this student understands what "congruent" means.

For computer practice, we used our Think Central website -- it goes with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt textbooks. We are fortunate to have this, because it includes Mega Math games aligned with our lessons. I realized that I don't have any good geometry web sites -- if you have recommendations, please comment!


And at the teacher station -- we worked with Anglegs! Once again, lots of comments about "most fun ever!" (These guys crack me up). A couple years ago my principal bought us all sets of these at the urging of our math coach. They are a great geometry manipulative; we reviewed polygons and angles with them today, and I had to promise that we would use them again after the test. If you havent' seen these before, check them out -- even if you don't have a class set you can use them for small groups. They are great for instruction and also for work stations.

Just two more days in my continuing adventure. At this point, we all just want to get on with the test so we can get on with new learning! Do you get test fatigue?

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