Reviewing: Day Four

Oh my goodness, is it Friday yet?! Feeling totally exhausted; my partner and I agreed that we would have welcomed testing this week, 'cause preparing is killing us! The kids are off the wall; you can feel the tension as you walk the halls.

Today's focus was place value. It was quite interesting because that is chapter one -- a long time since we did some of these activities. Again, I had kids who really, really liked the teacher station activity. I definitely want to structure math time like this after we finish testing. I've already told them that we will do less whole group and more small group instruction and I think it's going to work well.

At computer station they were again working with Mega Math through our Think Central web site. You can see how visually engaging it is; they never tire of these activities.

At our work station, I pulled out one of my products. Place Value at the Beach is one of the first games I created and I believe it is still my most popular item. It's a freebie, so just click on the picture to snag it from my TpT store. It has three sets of game cards so that students can work with two, three, or four digit numbers.

And finally, at the teacher station we had some fun with a great little worksheet that I picked up from Mary at Pitner's Potpourri. It's a page from the product "Spinning Place Value" which you can read about here

Here's how I used it: each student got a copy of the worksheet and a die. I told them to write a 4-digit number in the circle using the die to generate their number. Then they had to read the number to me -- some of my ESOL students find this very difficult! After that they passed their paper to their left, giving everyone a new number. I asked them to write the expanded form of the number and observed to see if they remembered what that means (most of them did). After checking everyone's work (I'm working with 6 students at a time) they passed their papers again. This time I asked them to read their new number, reminded them that what they are saying is the word form, and they filled in that box (quite a challenge for some!). Along the way we talked about the kind of math problems we encounter where you need to understand these representations of the number. Since we just took our end-of-year formative math test last week, they easily recalled that this had been on the test.

After passing their papers again, I asked them to make a model of the last three digits of their number, using base 10 blocks. They turned the paper and drew lines to make a place value chart and recorded the number. We had lots of good math discussion about using place value strategies for computation problems. Will they remember any of this next Wednesday and Thursday? It would be nice to thing so, but who knows!?

Tomorrow we are going to practice some perimeter problems and hopefully play an elapsed time game together.

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