April Currently

Linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for the April Currently!

Listening: Today was a work day, and first day back from Spring Break. Shh...don't tell anyone, but during lunch I can tune in to the CW app on my iPad!

Loving: I had such a good day of organizing! My science materials were in seriously sad shape; I got them all sorted out. Also made some major changes to the classroom library that should be great for the rest of the year.

Thinking: I know the math materials need an overhaul too, but I just didn't get to it today.

Wanting: Doesn't everybody want just a little more spring break?

Needing: Once my work day was done, I actually accomplished this! It's always a big deal to go run an errand when I just want to get home. My quilt guild is going to make pillowcases for charity in April. If you're curious, check out: www.conkerrcancer.org to read about the project.

Advice: I have finally gone back and filled out my pages of blog info; it's a huge help as I try to plan, write and schedule. I made some blog worksheets for myself and have just downloaded the blogging binder from Charity Preston when I renewed my Teaching Blog Traffic School membership.

The kids come back to school tomorrow and the state test countdown begins! For those of you still on Spring Break, enjoy -- it's gonna go by fast!


  1. Just went back to school today from break. Wish it was summer already! LOL! I've been thinking about joining the Teaching Blog Traffic School. I have to look into it more! Do you like it??
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  2. It is SO worth the money! You will learn so much about blogging.

    Math is Elementary

  3. I need to do a lot of reorganizing too! I sooo wish we could have made our spring break longer. Today was a long day! :)


  4. Hi Julie!!
    I'm beginning to gather contact information from all of the Florida bloggers out there for a possible bloggy meet up this summer! If you'd like to be included, please email me back at sisterteachers@gmail.com .
    We'd love for you to be a part of this fun time!!
    Sister Teachers


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