No one guessed my favorite Seuss book, so I asked Mr. Math is Elementary to pick a number . . . and I am sending my El Gato's Hats product to Therese, who guessed The Lorax. Therese, please send me your email to claim your prize!

Also, the winner of the Day Seven giveaway -- for the Classroom Friendly awesome Pencil Sharpener, has not responded to my emails. Therefore, Rafflecopter has selected a new winner: congratulations to Wendy M. I'm sending an email now; I do hope you will respond!

And the favorite Seuss book: Hop on Pop. I know, sounds like a weird choice :) It is the book that we read over and over to our little boys (who are 30-somethings now) and the words "Stop! You must not hop on Pop" became part of our family! Now we say that to our grandchildren.

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