We're Going To Party Like It's My Birthday . . .

. . . because it is! And in honor of me, I will give away my Bouquet of Fractions pack and El Gato's Hats (measurement) to the first person who leaves a comment correctly guessing my age!

I took the day off from school, and am looking forward to going to get my hair done, maybe a little bit of shopping, and lunch with a special person. Last year was my first time to take my birthday off; it used to always fall during our state testing. I was so happy when testing moved to April! I've decided that taking my birthday off will be my practice through the rest of my teaching career if at all possible :)


  1. I'll say 48:)


  2. Hope you have a Happy Birthday:)

  3. Happy Birthday (a day late)... I will guess 44?!


  4. My guess is that you're 47 years old. Anyway, hope you had a great birthday!


  5. Happy belated birthday! Wandered here after your Manic Monday post, as I love finding new blogs to peruse. (As if I didn't spend enough time online, right?) I am going with 56 as your age.

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