Thursday Techday: This One's For Teachers

I recently came across an app that I now check every day. Have you seen AppsGoneFree? Every day they  list paid apps that are free for the day.

While there are many apps that are offered for free to try to get customers excited, with this app they have already been checked out and the best few are listed. Many days that means about 10 apps. Some days there is nothing that interests me, other days I may download two or three to check out. I have found some for me personally and some to use in the classroom. Recently I've downloaded a couple great interactive books, a grammar game and much to a certain first grader's delight the paid version of Angry Birds!

Every day I get a little pop-up notice that the newest freebies are available and I can browse through them. There is a brief description of each, and tapping on them takes me right to the download. It has quickly become a favorite app; when I first got my iPad I was always hunting for free apps and now I just check out AppsGoneFree for a couple minutes daily!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I get daily updates from This is where I've found most of the apps I have on my classroom iPad. Apps gone free might be another good way to find learning apps for my class. Thanks for the tip!
    Teacher Gone Digital

  2. This sounds great. I bookmarked your blog post for when I tackle the Ipad this summer. I am immensely behind on use of tablets in the classroom. I just signed up for an IPads for educators course and I will be coming back to this post once I get my IPad and learn how to use it.

    The Math Maniac


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