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We are learning about plants in science right now. Are you familiar with the book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens? I had heard of the book, but this is the first year I decided to use it in my classroom. After picking up a copy and reading through it I decided I had to make an activity to go along with it, then try it out with my students.

I divided my class into three groups with six students per group. Next year I think I'll do groups of four or five students -- all you need is more sets of the activity cards. As I read the book (with lots of drama!) I did not show the illustrations. Before reading the page that tells what was planted I stopped and had students choose the cards they thought illustrated what was happening. There are lots of extra cards, so they can discuss in their group what they think should be used. After I read the page, they would switch out cards to match the story.

My activity was a huge hit -- the kids thought it was totally fun. They had great suggestions for making it even better, and I have incorporated those into the final product. I'd love for you to try it in your classroom and leave me a comment.

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  1. I love this idea! Tops and Bottoms is one of my favorite stories and I love using it with our Fairy Tale/Fable unit. There is a lot of discussion about the plants tops, bottoms, and middles--great visual for next time!

  2. I love your idea. We are starting plants next week and this would tie right in. Thank you for sharing this.


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