Fact Frenzy! And Another Winner!

My students are very excited -- we have begun our 1 minute drills of multiplication facts. While there are pros and cons to this practice, I find it helps to motivate students to learn the facts. I strongly believe in teaching strategies and helping them understand the math first; we did that in September and October. Our state standards don't expect students to be fluent in 3rd grade, but CCSS changes that. And I'm well aware of how our 4th grade teachers feel -- the more facts our students can fluently recall the better!

I try to make it fun, and this year I wanted to come up with a way to recognize them each time they were able to pass a set of facts. I had the idea to use the bag tags that our school is using for other awards, until I realized it would cost me about $200! I began to think about alternatives and came up with the idea of giving them a colored bead for each set. A trip to the Dollar Store, and I had enough beads for facts for 0 - 9 for a whopping $2. I did have to pay a bit more to get new colors for 10 and 11 (Walmart), and then back to the Dollar Store to find a special bead for the 12s.

Bottom line, for minimal cost I came up with something my kids absolutely love. They slide the beads onto a chenille stem, and when they get #12 I give them a piece of plastic lacing (also from the Dollar Store) and they string on their beads.

Copies are precious these days, so I made sets of quizzes with three on a page. I cut them apart and keep them in a plastic file to make them easy to manage. If you would like to use my quizzes just click and download!

And the winner of the Day Three giveaway for Candy Bar Fractions and Fundations is: Kirra L. Congratulations! An email is on its way with your prizes.

There is still time to enter the Day Four - Seven giveaways!

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  1. I like the bead idea :) I've seen that several times on Pinterest. If you need more bead colors, Hobby Lobby has tons of bead colors. Anyway, I found you on the Manic Monday link up :)


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