Ginormous? I'm In!

Who can resist a ginormous giveaway?! Click the button to read all about it and link up. I'm offering any item from my TpT store as part of the giveaway.

Celebrate Read Across America!

Does your school do special activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday? We have guest readers coming in on Friday and a visit from the Cat. My teaching partner will be handling the literacy activities, and I wanted to have something ready for math class.

And, Voila! My newest product. We have just started our unit on measurement, so I created El Gato's Hats. It's available in my TpT store; click on the picture to check it out.

I'm giving away one copy of this product to the first person who comments with the name of my favorite Dr. Seuss book (one guess per person, please)!

In other news, Tonya at Tonya's Treats for Teachers is running a huge giveaway to celebrate 700 followers. Be sure to check it out -- she has 26 bloggy friends participating! Click the picture to go directly to the post.


Last, And Definitely Not Least

It's the last of my seven days of giveaways! Thanks for coming along for the ride . . . I'm almost ready to start planning my 300 follower celebration (of course I'll need a lot of new followers!).

I saved the most exciting item for last. Everyone loves the Classroom Friendly pencil sharpener. I have one in my classroom, and am planning to buy another soon. My students love how sharp their pencils get.

And now, drum roll please! The winner of the pencil sharpener is: Kimberly! An email is on the way to you.

Once again, thanks to the other bloggers who participated in this giveaway.

Today's Winner Is . . .

The Day Six giveaway is a donation from Vanessa at Reading in the Upper Grades.

Synonyms and Antonyms Vocabulary Jars 4th and 8th

The winner is: Erin C.

You have until midnight to enter the last giveaway, for on of those fantastic pencil sharpeners! Click here to enter.

Winner! Winner!

The Day Five Giveaway is for my newest product, "Bouquet of Fractions" -- it's going to be available in my TpT store this weekend.

And the winner is:

Deanna H.

Congratulations! Your prize has been emailed to you.

You can still enter the Day Six and Seven giveaways -- good luck!

You MUST Check This Out! (And a Winner)

Charity Preston  of The Organized Classroom Blog has just launched a new magazine! The March issue is free; you can check it out right here:

This is definitely an idea whose time has come! Congratulations to Charity for, as usual, being out in front with a new idea.

And in other news, the winner of the Day Four Giveaway for my Go Multiply Mega Pack AND any two items from Miss V's Busy Bees TpT store is: Peggy P. Congratulations -- you have been a winner twice this week!

Giveaways for Days Five - Seven are still open; good luck!


Fact Frenzy! And Another Winner!

My students are very excited -- we have begun our 1 minute drills of multiplication facts. While there are pros and cons to this practice, I find it helps to motivate students to learn the facts. I strongly believe in teaching strategies and helping them understand the math first; we did that in September and October. Our state standards don't expect students to be fluent in 3rd grade, but CCSS changes that. And I'm well aware of how our 4th grade teachers feel -- the more facts our students can fluently recall the better!

I try to make it fun, and this year I wanted to come up with a way to recognize them each time they were able to pass a set of facts. I had the idea to use the bag tags that our school is using for other awards, until I realized it would cost me about $200! I began to think about alternatives and came up with the idea of giving them a colored bead for each set. A trip to the Dollar Store, and I had enough beads for facts for 0 - 9 for a whopping $2. I did have to pay a bit more to get new colors for 10 and 11 (Walmart), and then back to the Dollar Store to find a special bead for the 12s.

Bottom line, for minimal cost I came up with something my kids absolutely love. They slide the beads onto a chenille stem, and when they get #12 I give them a piece of plastic lacing (also from the Dollar Store) and they string on their beads.

Copies are precious these days, so I made sets of quizzes with three on a page. I cut them apart and keep them in a plastic file to make them easy to manage. If you would like to use my quizzes just click and download!

And the winner of the Day Three giveaway for Candy Bar Fractions and Fundations is: Kirra L. Congratulations! An email is on its way with your prizes.

There is still time to enter the Day Four - Seven giveaways!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Day Two Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Pictographs Math Unit from More Time To Teach is: Christine K.! Congratulations.


Measurement Freebie & A Giveaway Winner!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I'm wrapping up geometry and will soon move on to measurement in my 3rd grade math class. That means it's time to use my packet for "How Big is a Foot!" Click on the picture to read the original post and grab the freebie.

And, the winner of my Elapsed Time product is: PEGGY! An email is on its way to you.

I still have 6 giveaways open -- drop by my blog to enter!


Giveaway Day Seven!

This is the last day of my 200 follower giveaways! Many thanks to the bloggers who donated. Over the next week there will be a winner each day, so keep checking to see if it's you!

Today's giveaway is one of my very favorite classroom tools: the fantastic pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! You get to pick the color!

Groovy Green Cool Blue Firehouse Red Midnight Black

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can still enter all the other giveaways! Giveaway #1 ends at midnight tonight, and the winner will be announced tomorrow.


Giveaway Day Six!

Today's giveaway is from Vanessa at Reading In The Upper Grades. Please click the picture below to go to her store and read about her Synonyms and Antonyms Pack.

Synonyms and Antonyms Vocabulary Jars 4th and 8th

There is still time to enter the first five giveaways; just browse through my blog posts.

Giveaway Day Five!

My day five giveaway is for my newest product -- hot off the presses, and not even listed in my stores yet. You can win A Bouquet of Fractions, a megapack that includes four different fraction games.

Be sure to visit my blog to enter the day one, two, three and four giveaways!


Giveaway Day Four!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a sweet treat for you.

My day four giveaway is for a copy of my Go Multiply MegaPack. You can click the picture to read about this item.

Thanks to Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees you also can win any two items from her Teachers Pay Teachers store! Please go check out her blog right here, and follow her.

 Miss V’s Busy Bees

Don't forget to enter Day ONE, TWO, and THREE also!


Giveaway Day Three!

On the third day of my 200 Follower Giveaway you have the chance to win my best-selling item, We Love Candy Bar Fractions! Click the picture to read all about it.

In addition, you will also receive an item from Caralee at Confessions of a Teachanista! She has donated her Fundations Level 2 Benchmark Assessment. Click here to read the details of this great packet.

And don't forget to enter Day One and Day Two!


Giveaway Day Two

Today's giveaway is donated by Melissa from More Time To Teach. You can win her beautiful Pictographs 
Math Unit.

This Pictograph: Graphing Unit includes the following:

Pictograph Poster pg 3

Pictograph Flap Book pg. 4-5
Directions for a Whole Class Activity involving Pictographs pg. 6
Picture Cards for Whole Class Activity pg. 7-9
Task Cards pg. 10-20
Task Cards Recording Sheet pg. 21
Task Cards Answer Key pg. 22
Assessment Form A w/ Answer Key pg. 23-24
Assessment Form B w/ Answer Key pg. 25-26


Giveaway Day One

Welcome to the first day of my 200 follower giveaway! Today I'm giving away a copy of my elapsed time game -- a way to give your students practice with one of the very difficult measurement concepts!

Be sure to check in daily for a new giveaway!
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