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We began our geometry unit this past week, and I decided to change things up in a big way! It's so easy to just follow along in the book; everything all laid out for you in a nice sequence and supposedly all your standards being covered. We are in our 3rd year using Go Math! Florida so it's very comfortable.

Last weekend I decided to completely redo my math lesson plans and teach CCSS instead of our FL standards. Of course, it required a careful crosswalk to make sure I would cover everything that my students may encounter on "THE TEST" in April. We have access to the new books (with CCSS) we will have next year by going online, so I used those as a resource to plan the lessons. Geometry begins for us in chapter 9 in our current books, but next year it will be chapter 12, the very last thing we teach. The Common Core standards for geometry reference area; our current state standards don't include area in 3rd grade.

We only had 3 days of school with MLK Day and a work day. I thoroughly enjoyed the math lessons! It was very freeing to NOT have a book; I had to come up with my own resources to use and decide just how to present the concepts. I definitely over-planned, but even though the lesson part of class was longer than usual the students were very engaged. They seemed to really enjoy the different types of activities we did.

Here is a couple things we did - -

I printed sets of these shape cards, the students cut them out, and then I asked them to work with a partner to sort them into two groups. We put them up on the screen and they explained their thinking using the attributes vocabulary we have been learning. This is available on the internet -- click the picture to go to the web site.

Are you familiar with Scholastic's Study Jams? Click the picture to see the lesson on classifying angles that we used -- who needs a textbook? :)

I've also been creating some activities of my own; I'll be sharing those in other posts, as I try them out in the classroom. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder about Study Jams. For some reason, I always forget to check there and there is so much good stuff on that website. Your kids are going to rock geometry! :)

    The Teaching Thief

  2. I do the same thing, Amanda. I hadn't used one of their videos in ages and was reminded of it when I looked for geometry resources.


  3. Hi Julie! I am your newest follower :)
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