Back To School

We will be heading back to school on Monday, January 7th. It has been a great vacation, but my next couple days I'll be trying to get everything ready for next week. After two weeks, I know we will have to spend time re-establishing our routines. We also need to hit the ground running in math class! We will be starting our work on multiplication facts, with the goal being to master facts up to the 10's by the end of the school year. We also begin our math skills review as we countdown to state testing in April. That involves weekly pre- and post- testing on the 3rd grade math skills. I've been printing and laminating today, and have a pile of stuff to cut while watching some TV tonight :) I plan to share some of what I have planned in another post. Meanwhile, I want to share a little freebie I just put together.

I want to hand out these Happy New Year homework passes on Monday as a welcome back gift. Feel free to use them in your room, too -- just click the picture to download a copy.

Happy New Year!

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