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My 3rd graders are always excited when we begin multiplication. Their favorite fact -- 12 x 12 = 144! They may not understand anything about multiplying, but they know that one :) Our state standards don't include memorizing the facts in 3rd grade, but they are always motivated to get as many as possible learned. I focus on helping them understand the math, including many strategies for solving multiplication problems. However, I definitely want to tap into their desire to "know their times tables."

Favorite work station activities are always games, so I keep multiplication games out right on through the year. I've found that they love to play "go fish" type games, so I put together this set of cards covering the 2s, 3s, and 4s. I was thrilled to find that my newest student, who speaks no English, can participate in this game! He doesn't always know the English for the number, but we are able to translate his Spanish and give him the words. He's only been here two weeks but is trying hard and he can count in English -- but not necessarily put the words with the right numbers.

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This is a free sample from a much larger set of cards I'm working on. I hope you enjoy using it in your classroom.

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