Our Current Read-Aloud with a Freebie

Here in Florida we have our own awards for children's books - the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards. It's a motivational program for grades 3 - 8. For the last few years I have chosen my classroom read-alouds from the annual list. Each summer I read all the books on the list so that I can choose just the right ones for my class. So far this year I have read these two books:


My kids absolutely loved both of them; they are both very funny and they are short books which meant we were able to read both within the first weeks of school.

We are currently reading "Guinea Dog" by Patrick Jennings. It's the story of Rufus, who wants a dog of his own. His Dad is adamantly opposed -- with a long list of reasons why not that will have your students practically rolling on the floor (let's just say "poop" is mentioned quite a few times!). His mom, who thinks outside the box, buys him a guinea pig instead. "Fido" is apparently no ordinary guinea pig, though. In fact, she seems to think she's a dog!

I created a little booklet for my students to use as we read the story, and would love to share it with you. This is a great book that your kids will enjoy; if you use it please let me know how it goes! You can download the booklet here.

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  1. We must be on the same schedule as you. We started the year with The Trouble with Chickens and are now reading Guinea Dog. My kids loved/are loving these books! Just out of curiosity, which book are thinking about reading next? I was thinking Sophie Simon Solves them all or Tuesdays at the Castle but I'm not sure which yet.


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