Filling Buckets

I finally took time last week to get my bucket filling program up and running! I've done this for the past three years, and my kids always enjoy it. Last year my principal decided the whole school needed to do this, so she got these cute little buckets for our students.

I always start with this great book. My third graders love it, and we have lots of good discussion about the difference between bucket filling and bucket dipping.

I find that when we get started, it helps to give the students a little note to use. Somehow, just a little bucket graphic seems to get them on the right track! Once they get more comfortable with writing positive comments to their classmates they usually just use their own paper. Here is the note I've used the last couple years -- click to download it for yourself.

After we have made filling buckets part of our daily lives, I like to read this book with the students:

What do you do to build community in your classroom?


  1. I love the buckets! I did bucket fillers one year and used both of those books as well. But now, there just isn't space for it. I used to staple little cups into the wall but now we have so much we HAVE to have up there that I have no space. For classroom community...well I have an awesome group this year and they are genuinely proud of each other and try to help each other. But I teach them to be proud for each other's accomplishments and let them cheer for each other etc. We do the 10 finger woo now and they love that. I also let them sprinkle "brain sprinkles" on the child who earned smart beads.
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  2. You've been BOO-ed! Check out my blog for more details.

    :) Nicole
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