Thursday Techday: APP Edition

I'm trying to get back to my regular blogging pattern, including the series I started this summer of blogging about technology on Thursdays. If you can stand a little bit of pain, you can actually type with a broken arm :)

I've been wanting to share some favorite apps with y'all, though I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have a device they can use in school. I have an iPad 2 that I earned from my district by taking lots of tech courses; you can use your iPhone in the same way.

Since my second science unit is Earth and Space, I'm going to share a few of my favorite apps that support our study of space. First, the indispensable tool (I purchased mine at Target):

This VGA adapter allows me to plug my iDevice into my projector for display on my Smart Board. I used it in the first week of school to share read aloud books from my Kindle app on the iPad. As we move into our space science unit, I will be using some of my apps.

Here are some apps I've collected to use with this unit:

1. Moon (free)
Each year I get my students looking at the night sky to watch the moon going through its phases. Last year we did the activity modeling the moon's phases with oreo cookies - check it out on my Pinterest science board here. The Moon app is a great supplement to this. It gives you a panel with up-to-date info about the  moon at any time, including the current phase.There is a "fun facts" button which includes all sorts of information that students will love. You can set up notifications for the full moon -- I know some teachers who track that 'cause they think it affects their class!

2. Moon Globe (free)
You can orbit the moon, see the spots where spacecrafts touched down, identify physical features, There are two viewpoints, globe and telescope mode.

3. Mars Globe (free)
This is like the moon globe, and is a great way to tie in to all the information about Mars in the news lately.

4. NASA HD (free)
Absolutely gorgeous images - my students love to just have a slide show of pictures from space. This app also includes news stories, which is a great source for nonfiction text. You also get live streaming NASA TV and videos. With Neil Armstrong's recent death there are some videos remembering him. Be aware though, if your district blocks You Tube you will not be able to access some of the video. This single app will give you things to explore for days!

5. AstroApp (free)
This is a great resource for finding out about the Space Shuttle missions and crew. Since I teach in Florida about an hour and a half from the space coast, this always engages my students. Once cool feature is being able to put your picture into a space suit!

I could go on and on . . . . but everybody would stop reading! Watch for part 2 on my Saturday Science series, returning soon.

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  1. Very cool. The kids at my school have Macs but not an iPad so I am trying to find apps they are available for Macs as well. These apps sound great!
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack


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