Saturday Science: Apps for Space Science, part 2

I had so many great space science apps to share that Thursday's post just couldn't contain them all! Here we are for part two; please note that I seldom actually pay money for apps so the emphasis here is on freebies!

6. SkyORB This app includes 3D images of the planets - in real time

7. SkySafari I especially like the pictures of the constellations and that you can click an info button to read about them. You can click on SkyWeek and find out what is going on in the sky. For example, while I am writing this post it says that Jupiter and the last-quarter Moon rise together around 11 or midnight.

8. GoSkyWatch Planetarium I'll be honest -- I really don't know where to look or what I'm seeing in the night sky most of the time. With an app like this even I can identify some of what I see. It's designed to be used outside.

9. Spacecraft 3D This is an augmented reality app that I have just begun exploring. I chose "Curiousity" - the Mars Explorer - to see how the app works. After printing the Marker I placed it on my table and centered it on the screen (must have a device with a camera). Next thing I saw was the spacecraft on my screen -- this is so cool; I can't wait to share it with my students!

10. Planets Another guide to the solar system; this one comes with 2D and 3D sky views. There is a rotating globe that I students will enjoy; it's a cool way to demonstrate day to night.

In my class I'll be wrapping up our Investigating Questions unit this week. I plan to demonstrate several of these apps toward the end of the coming week to get the kids excited about what comes next.

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