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For the first few weeks of our math workstations I have focused on concepts in our first chapter: Place Value, Estimation, Addition, and Subtraction. Along with practicing those concepts we have been learning how to do work stations -- what they should look like, sound like, and how to record learning. Overall it's gone well, with just a few kiddos needing to be reminded that it is a time for working on the practice activities.

We are finishing up our second chapter, Data, and it's time to change out some of the activities. When I pulled out my Data Analysis station box, though, it was empty!

While I have a few things in my files (like the ever popular M&M graphing) I don't have anywhere near the number of activities I have for chapter 1. I suddenly realized that it is time to get busy and create some. Wednesday night was our Title I night, so I was at school until 7:00 PM (parents could come in anytime between 5 and 7). About half my families popped in, but there were stretches of time when I was all by myself. During that time I came up with a great work station activity, pulled out materials and started to put it together. Today I laminated and created a booklet to go with it and next week it will be featured in our new Data workstation.

We have consumable math books, so I took extra lesson pages, cut out the tables and graphs we have worked on together, glued them to index cards, laminated them and numbered each card. If you don't have a resource like this you could collect them from newspapers or magazines, old math textbooks, or create your own. You may want to check out the Create a Graph website for a simple way to make your own graphs. While my set includes a couple dozen cards you can certainly start out with a smaller number.

The booklet I made includes one page each for a pictograph, horizontal bar graph, and vertical bar graph. Later I'll add other ways to display the data but I want to keep it simple at first. I also plan to have them use their math journals to display the data -- Fridays are data analysis day in our math warm-ups.

You can get a copy of the Displaying Data booklet by clicking here. Please let me know if it works for your class!

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