Book Study: Chapter 2

Boy, did I get behind on this book study! Not so much because of the difficulty typing with the broken arm as the difficulty focusing on the reading. I'm determined to continue, so 4 weeks late here are my thoughts on chapter 2!

One takeaway from this chapter was the Problem Solving Framework identified by George Polya (1945). The principles are:

  1. Understand the Problem
  2. Devise a Plan
  3. Carry out the Plan
  4. Look Back
I think most of us have probably taught problem solving with a similar framework, but maybe with different terminology. In What's Your {Math} Problem? the Launch, Explore, Summarize instructional model is explained. I'm currently digesting this, thinking about how it fits in with the Guided Math ideas I'm trying to implement. In a few weeks I'll be starting to do math intervention for our 3rd graders. They definitely need to learn how to tackle problems, so I'm planning to try out some of what I'm learning here. I especially like the Effective Questioning section of chapter 2, and plan to make myself some cards to guide me in using good questions.

Have you been implementing any of the ideas so far?

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