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Freebie Fridays

Today is a first for this school year -- the first time I won't be at school to welcome my students. I have an early appointment with the specialist to follow up on my broken arm. It's been one month, and I've made a lot of progress in the last week as far as getting back a lot of use. Hopefully the doc will let me get rid of the sling!

This means someone will be covering my class at the beginning of the day, since I don't expect to be there until 30 - 60 minutes into the school day. That's science class for my first group, so I need to leave a plan for that time.

One of my go - to science activities when I'm away is to find a good video on our current topic. Our district subscribes to Discovery Education, so I have many to pick from. I usually go for The Magic School Bus. My 3rd graders always love them, and there is so much good science content. Since we are starting our Earth and Space unit next week, they are going to watch "Out of this World" as a great introduction to our new topic.

I decided this week that I don't want them just watching the video (it's supposed to be a learning activity!) so I created a page for them to complete. Since it's on a half sheet of paper we'll be able to glue it into our Interactive Science Notebooks as a record of the learning. I wanted something that would be useful for any video I want to use during the year, so here it is. I hope it is something that will be helpful for you, too!

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  1. Thank you so much! I've been needing something for my kiddos to do on those sub days when we watch Magic School Bus. This is great!


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